The Story

In the vibrant desert of Dubai, a unique kosher restaurant offering a homey culinary experience has recently emerged: Duba. Our story is one of deep passion, overcoming challenges, and connecting with family roots.

The dream of bringing the warmth and flavors of home to Dubai began in 2023, after experiencing the limited kosher offerings in the city during a family vacation. At that moment, it was decided – we would make Dubai our new home and establish a true community center and kosher restaurant that would provide an unforgettable experience.

From the very beginning, we were determined not to settle for anything less than excellence. We assembled a top-notch professional team, built innovative facilities to the highest standards, and invested significant efforts into developing an elegant, diverse menu using fresh ingredients and authentic cooking techniques.

The People

At the heart of Duba is an impressive trio of experts and visionaries: 

Chef Zohar HaDani, with 35 years of rich international experience, is the Executive Chef and partner-owner leading the kitchen. 

Ilanit Natan, with over 30 years of restaurant and high-end event management experience, embodies the vision and values behind Duba. 

And Nevo Amit Natan, the dedicated and passionate CEO, spearheads the day-to-day operations, ensuring the vision becomes a reality every day.


The Place

Duba is much more than just a restaurant – it’s a community center and a family home. We host cozy, pampering home-cooked meals every week in our private residence, welcoming everyone with warmth and sincerity. The kitchen focuses on preparing fresh, high-quality meat dishes, lovingly and simply prepared to provide an immediate sense of home to all who enter our doors.

The atmosphere at Duba exudes calmness and intimacy, as if you’ve arrived to visit close family. The wonderful aromas from the open kitchen, the warm and dedicated staff, and the comfortable homey decor invite you to stay and feel at home. Here, you’re not treated as customers, but as cherished guests.

The journey to establish Duba was filled with various challenges and obstacles, but we persevered thanks to our deep belief in the importance of the mission – to provide a spiritual home and a quality kosher restaurant for the Jewish community and Israeli tourists in Dubai. After significant efforts, we are proud to invite you to join the rich culinary heritage and family warmth of Duba – where every meal is a celebration of flavors, joy, and community.