The Story

Nestled in the vibrant desert of Dubai, Duba Restaurant has emerged as a unique kosher dining destination. Our establishment reflects a profound passion for culinary excellence, resilience in overcoming challenges, and a deep connection to our family roots.

Our journey began during a family holiday in Dubai, where the sparse kosher offerings sparked our inspiration. We envisioned bringing the warmth and flavors of our family’s kitchen to Dubai’s food scene. This vision became a mission, leading us to establish not only a restaurant but a community center that offers a truly memorable kosher dining experience.

From our inception, we aimed for nothing less than perfection. We handpicked a premier team, developed a cutting-edge kitchen, and crafted an elegant and diverse menu that incorporates fresh, quality ingredients and authentic family cooking techniques. Duba was founded on the pillars of hospitality that have always been integral to our family, providing a warm, welcoming environment whether for large family celebrations or casual gatherings.

The People

The heart of Duba is led by Chef Zohar Hadani, who brings 35 years of rich international experience as our head chef and co-owner. Ilanit Nathan, with her extensive background in managing restaurants and special events, infuses Duba with its core vision and values. CEO Nevo Amit Nathan drives our operations with unwavering dedication and enthusiasm, turning our vision into daily reality.

The Place

Duba transcends the traditional boundaries of a restaurant or catering service. It is a community center and a familial home where we host delightful meals every Friday in our private apartment, embracing each guest with warmth and hospitality. Our kitchen focuses on creating dishes that are fresh, high-quality, and lovingly prepared, making every visitor feel instantly at home.

Duba’s atmosphere is one of tranquility and intimacy, akin to visiting close family. The inviting aromas from our open kitchen, our dedicated staff, and the cozy, home-style decor all contribute to a welcoming space where guests are not merely customers but cherished members of our extended family.

The journey to create Duba began in September 2023, amid various challenges. We never compromised on our commitment to provide a spiritual haven and a top-quality kosher restaurant for the Jewish community and Israeli tourists in Dubai. We are proud to invite you to share in the rich culinary heritage and warm family atmosphere of Duba, where every meal is a festive celebration of flavors, joy, and community.Star Four Seasons Hotel in Netanya.